We plan to return to our local Surbiton Food Festival in May 2019 and look forward to sharing some of Iceland’s great tastes. At the 2018 Festival we launched Iceland Al Fresco,  our midsummer food and cookery holiday in Iceland in June 2019. 

Details of the Al Fresco journey through West Iceland are here, and below there’s more information about the 2018 Festival and the pop up Icelandic cheese event that we held. Please contact us if you have any questions.

“We are very much looking forward to sharing our passion for Iceland, and in particular for great Icelandic food during May. The annual Surbiton Food Festival takes place from 7-21 May, featuring a wide range of foodie events of all kinds taking place in pubs, shops, restaurants as well as outdoor gatherings for the Village Fete, Sardine Festival and Community Sports and Dog Show. See us at our Icelandic Pop Up Supper with Eirný Sigurðardóttir on May 11 (SOLD OUT) but we are also at the Surbiton Village Fete and Dry Hopped Beer Festival  on Saturday and Sunday May 12 and 13. We’ll be there from 12-6 each day, and on Sunday at 5pm, Eirny is running a workshop in the WI tent. See you there!

Iceland Traveller has teamed up with Icelandic curd nerd Eirný Sigurðardóttir and we are thrilled that she is coming over for this year’s festival to run a first-of-its-kind cheese and skyr pop up supper event and also to provide a really authentic introduction to some wonderful Icelandic cheese and deli products at the Village Fete. Eirny was the Icelandic contributor to the recent ‘Oxford Companion to Cheese’ published in 2016. She is the owner of the acclaimed Búrið delicatessen and cheese school in Reykjavik, and an avid supporter of Iceland’s slow food movement. Booking is essential for our Pop Up Supper, which is being held in Surbiton for a maximum of 16 people.  The Village Fete and Dry Hopped Beer Festival is a wonderful community event, eagerly attended by families and residents, together with visitors from further afield. Great food, drink, music and people enjoying picnics on the grass contribute to a really special atmosphere. We look forward to showcasing Iceland and some of its great food there, see you there!

However, this tempting and delicious introduction to the wonders of Icelandic food need not end in Surbiton! Eirny and Julia are leading a journey to Iceland in June 2019 where al fresco cooking and eating, meeting food producers and seeing secret Iceland are high on the agenda. Iceland Al Fresco is a journey through the Icelandic countryside in midsummer with outdoor walking, cooking and eating, staying in rustic farmhouse accommodation at a time of year when the sun barely sets. Each day will offer a different location for exploring, cooking and eating in the company of local farmers and food producers with outdoor coastal, riverside and meadow settings for lunches. Slow travel by bus, and plenty of time for learning about Iceland’s strong connection between the land, farming and culture.  To end the journey, we return to Reykjavik to explore the latest surprises that the restaurants and cafes there have to offer before returning home or continuing on to see more of this beautiful and surprising country.”


Since the best way to enjoy Iceland is to travel with experts, we really hope to see you during the festival. More information about our events is available here:

  • More about Eirny and her world of cheese and skyr here
  • More about Iceland Al Fresco June 2019 here