Taking to the open road on your own is a great way to see Iceland –  there’s so much to see, do and enjoy. You may want to mix and match your driving with some guided trips to benefit from hearing about your holiday destination from an Icelander, or perhaps you don’t need a car for the whole journey, or maybe you need to fly to one of Iceland’s domestic airports. If you’re planning a summer trip maybe you are considering staying at a campsite. Quite a bit to consider, so why not send us a few details about your plans and ideas and let us take the uncertainty out of your holiday? You can contact us here or if you have more of a plan in mind, you can use this link here.

What can you expect from a self drive holiday? Mainly, it’s the freedom to stop and linger when you wish without much in the way of time constraints. Iceland’s ring road is easy to follow and there are numerous places to turn off, park up and hike or stroll. With the correct vehicle the more remote areas are accessible, and for a summer adventure, driving in the Highlands is a wonderful journey to undertake. Travelling far from civilisation is not compulsory though, and within a short distance of Reykjavik or Akureyri, there are delights waiting to be found and the summer driving is generally straightforward.

We are always asked what we recommend, and that’s a difficult question to answer without some idea of what’s required! For a summer holiday with a car but without constant travelling we’d suggest arranging a location for you to stay that has places or interest to you nearby, and if self catering, a farm shop or store nearby. Families often enjoy some time in Reykjavik and then a country cottage or summerhouse with easy access to a geothermal pool and perhaps the opportunity to camp too. Driving around all or part of Iceland is a wonderful experience, and one that we’d like to think is not all spent behind the wheel. Knowing your interests and the distances and terrain involved helps us to create an itinerary that works. If touring is your thing, then we’ll be delighted to set that up.  For a specific interest, perhaps spotting birds or photography, or to pursue particular sports or activities we’ll build in the extra time at or between your overnight stays. We’ll make sure that you are in the right place at the right time for that all important whale watching trip

If you’re flexible about your itinerary and ready to follow the changes to local weather and road conditions, then a winter trip is also a great experience, and often a trip at this time of year that combines a mix of self drive and guided tours is the best way to see as much of Iceland as you can. Taking a flight also offers a wonderful opportunity to see and cross contrasting Icelandic landscapes.  We have a range of self drive routes and itineraries that cover all areas of Iceland, from 2-3 days upwards, and which include accommodation from camping and hostels upwards. in almost every case, the holiday we end up with for a customer will be bespoke and matched to their chosen dates, must-see places and must-do activities and of course within their budget. If you are not sure what will work best for you, then please ask us, we are flexible and can-do and will be able to suggest a range of options.