‘I am delighted to be joining Julia for Iceland Traveller’s Unwinding in Geothermal Iceland holiday and am also looking forward to exploring the healing energies around Maria’s guesthouse. I started training as a healer in 2008, having spent 19 years in accountancy, and am very fortunate to have found something I love doing which brings such benefit to others as well.  It’s an honour to help people, releasing pain and tension and bringing my clients back into balance – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

My guided meditations (which we’ll be doing in Iceland) offer opportunities to dive deep within yourself and experience profound and subtle shifts in your inner being, in your own unique way.  They are very relaxing and take you on your own journey of discovery.  The group dynamic means that you can go deeper than you can achieve by yourself, and no previous experience is necessary to enjoy this time in your inner world.  I will guide you through the whole process and your intuition and imagination will do the rest.

While we are in Iceland I am also offering these 3 types of healing, please let me know if you’d like to book a session:

  • Intuitive healing touch – where I tune into your body and follow the guidance it gives me.  This is very good for specific areas of physical pain, unwinding the tiny adjustments the body has made to compensate for a problem and getting to and releasing the root of the issue
  • Chakra clearing and balancing – working with the energy fields of the body to get life energy flowing freely around the body and removing any blockages I find.  This is very good for emotional pain such as unresolved grief and shame, and also for lifting feelings of depression or being stuck in a rut
  • Transforming limiting beliefs and emotions – working to clear the subconscious beliefs and feelings that hold us back from achieving our full potential.  I often use this in combination with the other two forms of healing to increase the impact of my work

“Rowena draws on, but is rather more effective than, treatments such as massage, Reiki, acupuncture and practices like yoga. If you’ve had/practiced any of these, you’ll be familiar with energy moving around. A tingle in the palms, a shiver up the spine. Working with Rowena is like all of those, supercharged. If you’ve pranged your back, she can fix it faster than anyone else. I speak from experience. Good for sports injuries, also good for those times when something isn’t right. She’s ace, and so is the stuff she can do. Just give it a go.” – Roger M, July 2017

“I just wanted to send you feedback on yesterday’s session with our son. The session had a very positive impact on him, as if there was a before and after. It was like a weight had been lifted off his belly. He had loads of positive energy yesterday and it was obvious to us that it was down to your work on his belly. So thank you very much for that.” – Stephane N, November 2016

“I had a wonderful treatment from Rowena. I was doing a liver cleanse so my body was experiencing much change and releasing many emotions. I had a strong headache and I had been sleeping badly for several days.  I felt SO RELAXED at the end of our session. My headache was gone and I slept much better.  I wish I could have a session with Rowena whenever I am feeling stressed!” – Sophie J, September 2015

If you’d like to contact me please send a message via my website.