Outdoor Hiking Challenge

Join us on the South Downs for walking and hiking either as a challenge for yourself or for a charity of your choice. Walks are in small groups, guided, and vary from 5-15 miles in a day. We hope you will make this your training for the second stage, a 4 day hike in South Iceland.

Imagine hiking in the stunning landscapes of South Iceland, the culmination of your efforts to prepare for a personal or charity challenge. Amongst ancient volcanoes, across lava fields and between steaming and gurgling geothermal pools and streams, it’s a unique experience.

South Downs Walking Challenge 2020-2021

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Read more about the trip to Iceland and about the itinerary

Join me on the South Downs for walking and hiking in small organised groups over the next 12 months. The National Park area covers about 630 square miles of beautiful woodland, roiling chalk hills and charming river valleys across the counties of Hampshire and Sussex.


What’s the purpose?

Walking in small groups is sociable and inclusive. I’ve always loved being outdoors, and over the last few years have realised just how many people there are who lack a dog or a walking partner and that’s how my groups have formed. So the purpose is to walk and talk with minimal navigation (as I lead the walks) and to enjoy fresh air, seeing lovely places, getting fitter.


How far do we walk?

I’m not certain of the definition of walk and hike, but in terms of the South Downs plans that I have made, walking will usually be between 5-8 miles, and hiking in the range 10-15 miles in a day. The time that a walk takes does depend on the fitness of the walkers, and it’s better that anyone joining in is a regular walker and has the correct clothing and equipment for the weather and conditions.


Where are the walks?

All will be in the South Downs area, and will include walking the South Downs Way.  Most walks will be single days, but the South Downs Way is likely to include 2 day walks with an overnight stop.

What is the challenge?

The South Downs challenge involves 3 options:  it can be a personal challenge for yourself, something that you can choose to do just for you; or it can be a fundraising challenge –  we’ll keep a record of the distances and you can pick a charity to walk for; or you can simply join in for the enjoyment of walking with like-minded people.

AND Iceland!

Following the South Downs Challenge, (and if you would like to) we’ll be going to Iceland to step up a level for a very special 4-day outdoor challenge which is taking place in September 2021.  The South Downs forms the training and preparation for those going to Iceland. Once again, the hiking in Iceland can be a personal or fundraising challenge or just to enjoy a fantastic few days in a wonderful location. There’s so much to share about this amazing adventure, and you can read more here.


Who am I looking for to join me? Here are some suggestions:

WALKERS: who want to walk without getting lost, who want to get fitter, would like to hike in Iceland, want to achieve something for themselves

CHARITIES: small or local charities, or any others, who have fundraisers who are looking for a 2021 challenge

CHARITY SUPPORTERS: who would like to walk to raise funds for their chosen charity or good cause.

In 2018, we raised £5000 during our Iceland Hike


More questions

What are the walking dates? What equipment do I need? What about transport? Are we allowed to walk under COVID restrictions? How do I sign up?


Find out more

These and many other questions will be answered on my Outdoor Challenge Zoom. All the walking and training dates are now available too.

For more information please email me: Julia@icelandtraveller.co.uk

We are Iceland specialists!

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