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Specialising in just one destination has turned out to be such a bonus. I set up Iceland Traveller in 2010 to create holidays, adventures and experiences in Iceland for as wide a range of people as possible.  By that time, and with 10 years spent visiting Iceland as often as I could with school, various Girl Guide groups and for research I knew that there was a different, authentic Iceland that I wanted to make available to my customers. This Icelandic experience was one that went way beyond having to be hardy, rugged and a lover of the outdoors in order to enjoy being there. Iceland has so much to offer if you know where to look.

My first decade of travelling to Iceland opened my eyes to a nation with a fascinating culture, history and sense of identity inextricably linked to landscape, weather and geological activity. Since then, I’ve travelled extensively in Iceland, meeting small producers and suppliers, staying in hotels, guesthouses, cottages, farms and hostels, knocked on the doors of interesting looking businesses and made a great many wonderful friends along the way. All of this, plus my own devotion to attention to detail has contributed to the business that is Iceland Traveller.

To enjoy the beauty and magic of Iceland, we offer the full range of travel services: excellent road trips, guided tours, independent itineraries and my own ‘Journeys with Julia’ for people who’d like to see Iceland with me and usually with a bit of a twist.

We remain a small business but with an extensive and expert knowledge of Iceland. Registered as members of the Travel Trust Association (http://www.traveltrust.co.uk/), we guarantee 100% financial security to our customers and ATOL protection on our holidays. Upon receipt, each enquiry and booking is individually considered and then carefully executed and managed together with my colleague Yvonne. Any contact to our office is direct to one of us and we’re always happy to call back, whatever the time zone!


Yvonne PeachYvonne.headshot

After creating a Girl Guide Winter Adventure with me and Iceland Traveller in 2011, Yvonne succumbed to the Iceland bug and joined the team in January 2016.  With first-hand experience of international travel for children and young adults, she works with schools and other youth groups to ensure that they have the adventure of a lifetime, taking care that the individual needs of all members of the party are fully met. 

Yvonne travels to Iceland regularly, both with uniformed groups and with me when we need to explore new places. .


Glyn Jones

Glyn is my husband and fellow director of Iceland Traveller.  He’s travelled in Iceland regularly, and has obligingly lived with my transition from teaching to tourism. Although we didn’t ever expect to be in the same profession,  he is now a qualified Blue Badge tour guide and  drives and guides throughout the UK having the same quirky curiosity for England that I have for Iceland. Glyn’s recently become very interested in the secrets of Devon and Cornwall, but is equally sharing the delights of Wales, the Lake District or Scotland with his guests. For journeys between the USA and Europe, we are a one stop shop for a holiday that includes Iceland and the UK.  For more about his sight-seeing and special interest tours visit his website Jolly Good Tours.


Anne MillsAnne.headshot

Anne joined me in 2013 using her previous BBC skills to research and develop the resources we need to keep up to date with life in Iceland. Whether it’s a new hotel, the dates for a festival or information about when it’s best to spot a whale, we rely on Anne to keep us informed.



Our Icelandic Partners

Our excursions and activities are run by our Icelandic partners, all known to us personally and each with their own specialist business.   We have participated in nearly all the activities we offer and have stayed in the majority of the accommodation we recommend.  Whenever we visit Iceland, we aim and check out new places to stay and new things to do.  For private groups, our tour guides are fully qualified through the Icelandic Tourist Guide School.