About Us

Julia Jones

I’m often asked why Iceland is so special. Over the years I’ve added to the list, starting with the beauty and quality of the light, my sense of insignificance as a human being in such huge landscapes and the experience of being so very cold on my first trip up onto the Myrdalsjökull glacier! Others include hot rivers, no sunsets and the ability of Icelanders since settlement to live in such a challenging location. See you there!

The early years

In 2010 when I started Iceland Traveller, I’d already spent 10 years visiting Iceland as often as I could with school, various Girl Guide groups and for research. I knew that there was a different, authentic Iceland that I wanted to make available to share with my customers. This Icelandic experience would be one that would go way beyond having to be hardy, rugged and a lover of the outdoors in order to enjoy being there. Iceland has so much to offer if you know where to look. And I do!

That first decade of travelling to Iceland revealed to me a nation with a fascinating culture, history and sense of identity inextricably linked to landscape, weather and geological activity. Since then, I’ve travelled extensively in Iceland, meeting small producers and suppliers, staying in numerous hotels, guesthouses, cottages, farms and hostels, knocked on the doors of interesting looking businesses and made a great many wonderful friends along the way. All of this, plus my own devotion to attention to detail has contributed to the business that is Iceland Traveller.

Sharing the magic

To enjoy the beauty and magic of Iceland, we offer the full range of travel services: excellent road trips, guided tours, independent itineraries and occasional ‘Journeys with Julia’ for people who’d like to see Iceland with me and usually with a bit of a twist.

As a Geographer, ex-teacher and former Girl Guide leader, providing enriching, educational and really enjoyable group travel is also very much a part of our offering. We encourage an outdoor and experiential approach to enjoying Iceland at any time of year, always in the company of Icelandic guides and with challenge and adventure if required.

We remain a small business but with an extensive and expert knowledge of Iceland. As you’ll see, the magic for me has now spread to the Faroe Islands. Similar at first sight to Iceland, but get under the surface and discover the differences. Exciting prospects for times ahead!  Any contact to the office is direct to me and I’m always happy to call back, whatever the time zone.

Glyn Jones

Glyn is my husband and fellow director of Iceland Traveller He’s travelled in Iceland regularly, and has obligingly lived with my transition from teaching to tourism. Although we didn’t expect to be in the same profession,  he is now a qualified Blue Badge tour guide, driving and guiding in and beyond the UK having the same quirky curiosity for England that I have for Iceland. For journeys between the USA and Europe, we are a one stop shop for a holiday that includes Iceland and the UK.  For more about Glyn,  see Jolly Good Tours.

Our Icelandic Partners

Our excursions and activities are run by our Icelandic partners, all known to us personally and each with their own specialist business.   We have participated in nearly all the activities we offer and have stayed in the majority of the accommodation we recommend.  Whenever we visit Iceland, we aim and check out new places to stay and new things to do.  For private groups, our tour guides are fully qualified through the Icelandic Tourist Guide School.