Tour Code: CR2

(4 days)  

 Price £1195 per person, excluding flights and accommodation. Single supplement on request. 

These workshops are led by Ragga Jóhannsdóttir and can, if you wish, be included as part of a longer programme of sightseeing and other activities. The course is based in Mosfellbaer, on the edge of Reykjavík.  Each day is spent knitting (and chatting!) with visits on 2 afternoons to see textile and craft makers and exhibits .

Over the 4 days, the programme offers knitters who want to improve their continental knitting technique the chance to work on a jumper or cardigan using Icelandic lettlopi yarn in up to 3 col0urs and with an Icelandic pattern (in English). Ragga will assist throughout for members of this small group and will encourage everyone to try and learn new methods for casting on and off.

The programme varies, this is an example. It’s a perfect knitting holiday for  group, and if you are travelling with non-knitters, just let us know and we’ll arrange a programme for them too.

DAY 1:  The course starts each day at 09:00. On the first morning you will look at patterns and then visit the Álafoss shop to choose wool to work with. After lunch, knitting resumes and the day finishes at 16:00

DAY 2: Spend the morning working on your pattern while Ragga gives you a brief history of knitting in Iceland and explains about the different qualities of the local wool and handicrafts. This may involve a short local walk to get a real feel for the place of knitting and wool in the Icelandic landscape.

DAY 3: After spending the morning knitting, you will set out to visit, perhaps to Gljúfrasteinn, home of the Nobel Prize-winning Icelandic writer Halldór Laxness whose wife, Auður Sveinsdóttir, was one of the women who designed the pattern for the traditional Icelandic sweater, the lopapeysa.

DAY 4: You will knit until lunchtime after which you can choose to knit some more, or return to the Álafoss shop to buy more wool to take home. The programme for these days varies and the plans for the end of this series of workshops will depend on the progress of the knitting projects, and members of the group can knit on after 16:00 when the workshop closes, if they wish.



  • knitting needles, pattern books and wool for your chosen project
  • lunch, tea & coffee
  • excursions on 2 afternoons eg to the Gljúfrasteinn Museum

Not included:

  • flights
  • accommodation
  • transport to and from Hotel Laxnes
  • NOTE – please ask us about making travel and accommodation arrangements for you that fit with the workshop
  • 15-19 May 2017
  • 27-30 June 2017
  • 5 – 8 September 2017
  • 14-17 November 2017

Maximum number of participants is 6, the minimum is 2

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