I am really excited to be joining this group and to have the opportunity to teach yoga in such energetically rich surroundings. My yoga journey started about 20 years ago, and 5 years ago I became a teacher because I felt so strongly about sharing the benefits of yoga with other people. Yoga transforms my life each and every week; it changes the way I breathe, the way I think, the way I move, the way I feel, the way I react, and the way I appreciate other people and the world we live in – my wish for everyone is to feel happy and healthy in all aspects of their lives and I truly believe there is not a person on the planet who cannot achieve this through yoga. 

During our time together in Iceland I can share as much or as little yoga with you as you would like.  Yoga starts with breathing and I would like to share with you some of the different breathing techniques I use on a regular basis to keep me happy and healthy, including the famous Wim Hoff method of breathing which is has been known to help people overcome tolerance to the cold and even to cure disease!

Each morning I will be offering a practice before breakfast which will include pranayama (breath work), asana (poses) and relaxation – the perfect way to start your day. I will also be on hand for individual sessions if people would like to dive a little deeper on an individual basis.


“I think the most positive feature of 2018 was finding you. I was fighting or flighting every moment in last few years and had lost my sense of what is important. You are steering me with your gentleness to rest, digest and love. Thank-you Kate, I love you for that. I have already planned in 2019 to dramatically change my life and leave things behind that I only thought were important” (Roger 2018) 

“With such a hectic life I decided to do something for myself and signed up to Kate’s yoga for beginners class at the Yoga Hutch. Having never practised yoga before I was apprehensive that I would struggle to keep up, but nothing could be further from the truth. With Kate’s encouragement, support and enthusiasm to improve every member of the class I felt supported from the very first lesson. I have been practising for ten months now and couldn’t imagine life without yoga. The physical benefits are clear to see but it is inner calm and contentment that I find most beneficial (Dan 2018) 

“I have been practicing yoga with Kate for around 3 months now. Being a complete beginner, I was quite unsure as to what to expect from the classes, but Kate was very warm and welcoming and eased me into the practice. She is a wonderful and understanding teacher and I look forward to each class. Not only is yoga great for my general fitness and flexibility, it has also helped me bring aspects of the practice into my everyday life. This includes dealing with stress and other curveballs thrown at us in our day to day lives! I thoroughly recommend a class with her if you’re interested in becoming a yogi” (Jack 2018) 

If you’d like to contact me about our time in Iceland or about my yoga teaching, my website is here