Hello and welcome! I’m Julia. If you are curious or want to join one of my Journeys in Iceland, scroll down for the current collection of holidays.

For me, enjoying time in Iceland has always been best achieved in the company of others. Although I’ve travelled extensively in Iceland, I’ve created a sizeable wish list of journeys that I’d like to do again in a different way or repeat at another time of year or to do for the first time. I’ve also learnt that I’m a good person to travel with! Beyond my own familiarity with Iceland, I’m told that I plan great itineraries, understand the pace of a good journey and take care of the detail so that my fellow travellers don’t need to.  It’s as easy as decide-book-go.

‘A fabulous introduction to Iceland, its amazing landscapes and its people. Julia did a great job in showing us so much in a long weekend!’

Anyone can join my journeys. I always aim for an inclusive and involved atmosphere in a group whether travellers are on their own or with friends or a partner. My groups are always small and always guided by a professionally qualified Icelander. As far as possible I try to engage with each person as they sign up for a journey and develop connections within the group too. I’m constantly delighted by the willingness with which my travellers contribute to the collective enjoyment of my journeys. Why not read about my latest journey in Iceland?  I don’t do it all this by myself, you can read more about me and the Iceland Traveller team, and follow up on our customer feedback too.

Examples of Journeys with Julia  are:

  • Geothermal Wellness
  • Iceland Hiking Challenge 
  • Horse-riding Challenge 2020
  • Photography as the seasons change
  • Iceland Al Fresco Cookery and Food
  • Winter mini break in Iceland. 
  • Textiles, craft, culture and a good yarn