Iceland with a twist, education, enrichment and a great experience!

Many thousands of school students travel to Iceland each year to enhance their knowledge and understanding of geographical processes and may also be fortunate enough to ride an Icelandic horse, catch a sight of the Northern Lights or relax in the geothermal water of a hot tub, pool or lagoon. With a background in geography and special educational needs teaching, volunteering with the Girl Guiding organisation, and nearly 20 years’ travel experience in Iceland, trips that are arranged by the specialist Iceland Traveller team are different.

For us, Iceland is an immensely empowering country to visit –  easily reached by air, very largely English speaking, safe, with high standards of adaptability and accessibility and many delightful Icelanders who are incredibly ‘can-do’.  We’ve shared the experiences of numerous children, young people and adults that we have taken to Iceland who have discovered for themselves the enjoyment and excitement associated with travelling independently, being away from home, eating new foods or using crampons to walk across a glacier. How amazing to have sensed the heat of an outdoor hot-tub, the cold of crisp arctic air, smells of a geothermal landscape, the silence of wilderness or the sounds of a thundering waterfall.

We enjoy the chance to work with smaller groups and are prepared to put in the time and effort to make a trip to Iceland possible for everyone who would like to go there. Every group is different, so if you are curious to know more, please contact us to make some initial enquiries.

  • Bespoke programme
  • Varied  itinerary, covering the popular South as well as the North and more remote areas of Iceland
  • Classic landscapes and sightseeing – waterfalls, glaciers, volcanoes, geysers, coasts and rivers
  • Wide range of curriculum and enrichment opportunities
  • Authentic Icelandic experience including hand on workshops and visits
  • Wide choice of accommodation
  • Comprehensive support and help from us with planning, every step of the way

Although most student travellers are between 14 and 17 years old, Iceland is a great location for educational visits for both younger and older pupils as well as for teachers seeking for INSET or CPD time in a great location.

Booking a flight-inclusive group package with Iceland Traveller provides ATOL protection for your trip. All our holidays, with or without flights, are 100% financially protected, and our package includes fully risk-assessed activities and SMS system to ensure your safety and comfort during the trip.

Planning to take a group to Iceland means asking a whole host of questions. Whether it’s a coach based sightseeing trip, a residential riding week, a camping and hiking adventure or anything in between, please start the process by following the link here.