Here’s a little extra about why we are so excited to be teaming up with Eirný Sigurðardóttir to share Iceland’s food and farming stories. Summer in Iceland is all about celebrating the longest of days and making the most of the countryside and coast in full colour and bloom. Surrounded by the finest freshest ingredients, and with small food producers and secret corners of Iceland waiting to be discovered, what better than to join us for our Al Fresco food and cooking holiday? 

Combining some fine dining and a couple of nights in Reykjavik with a detailed introduction to the history of Icelandic food, farming and dairying, we focus mainly on time in the beautiful and varied countryside of West Iceland where we’ll be cooking, eating and walking. Travelling by bus, with utensils and primus on board we’ll  enjoy outdoor meals along the way, visiting farms and food producers and staying in small hotels and rustic farmhouses.  Eat on the coast, in a meadow, beside a stream, on a lava field…wonderful local produce prepared and cooked in the company of one of Iceland’s leading food gurus, Eirný Sigurðardóttir, who’ll inform, entertain and cook with the small group travelling with her.  Cook with local fresh ingredients including lovage, chervil, thyme, angelica and rhubarb, prepare dulse, barley and crowberries combined with tender fresh lamb, beef and arctic char to create each delicious meal. There will be stops at bakeries too, for local specialities and plenty of opportunities to try and buy along the way, and to learn from Eirny about the products and the ingredients they contain.

Iceland Al Fresco is taking place from 18-24 June 2019, it’s a 7 day holiday starting and ending in Reykjavik with options to add on extra days before or afterwards for more food related enjoyment or anything else. In keeping with all other Iceland Traveller holidays, the programme will be carefully planned and organised and all of the details clearly explained.  We launched the holiday at our local Food Festival in Surbiton, Surrey in May 2018, when Eirny presented a wonderful Icelandic Cheese and Skyr supper followed by two days at the Surbiton Village Fete. 

More here about Eirny  The Al Fresco holiday summary is here, and for full details of Iceland Al Fresco, please contact us .