Tomato restaurant food geothermalGeothermal glasshouse production is happening on quite a scale in many areas of Iceland, but most glasshouses are for growing only. Eating lunch under glass is an unexpectedly comfortable experience: a conservatory feel with delicious tomato scents added. What started out as a mid-day tomato soup of the day offering has developed into a much wider and very intriguing daily menu with soups, main courses, desserts and drinks all based around this wonderful fruit!

Open daily to individuals for lunch, with menus that include the house fresh tomato soup served with sour cream, cucumber salsa, fresh bread and butter with fresh herbs, homemade cheesecake with green-tomato jam, cinnamon and lime jam, and a range of ‘Mary’ drinks, for example Healthy Mary, made from green tomato, honey, lime and ginger with sparkling water.

food-tour-tomatoesFor groups there’s an excellent programme of guided tours to enhance the lunch experience, please ask us for more details.

In our experience, it’s also very worthwhile to take a few of these excellent ‘taste of Iceland’ products home. A growing range of home produced chutneys, salsa and ketchups is available in the shop, and with well thought out and robust packing for the journey home.

Tour Code: FF6

Price Guide – no entry fee for lunch;  £  – less than £100 for group visits

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