angelica.summer food craftOne of the most enjoyable, interesting and authentic food experiences in Reykjavik.  From the moment of arrival, with fabulous views of the ocean and whatever the weather is doing, you’ll find this ‘taste of Iceland’  experience is a great introduction or conclusion to your holiday.

The format is relaxed and informal and includes Icelandic history, food traditions and culture, some language familiarisation and sharing a meal which always involves making and eating pancakes in the Icelandic way.  If you choose an afternoon for this, then the traditional Icelandic afternoon tea includes geothermal spring bread, home baked cakes and sheep’s head with tea coffee and Icelandic beer.  During tea, you’ll find out about the history of cakes and bread in Iceland, where oven baking was not available until relatively recently.

food cakeFor evening visitors, the menu includes  traditional Icelandic lamb soup and some local beers, herbal teas, coffee and the traditional national holiday beverage!  After 3 hours in this warm and friendly atmosphere, you’ll have added to your knowledge of Viking history and Sagas, acquired some Icelandic and heard about some of the challenges that Icelanders have faced in order to cook and survive since the time of settlement.

Tour Code: FF4

Price Guide £ –  under £100

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