Financial Protection

Thank you for making your booking with Iceland Traveller. Your holiday protection is extremely important to us as it should also be to you. Here’s how we protect your holiday financially and against supplier failure. Without a doubt, we know that it’s better to be safe rather than sorry. Here we have provided information about:

  • Financial Protection, Package Travel Regulations and ATOL protection
  • EHIC cards and Travel Insurance

The Travel Trust Association: 100% financial protection

As a member of the Travel Trust Association (TTA), Iceland Traveller provides 100% protection and a financial guarantee for our client funds. It does this through the use of a Trustee bank account into which all client monies are deposited, and through the production of a financial guarantee certificate that is issued at the time of booking.  Our membership reference is U8368. For more reassurance and information please see the TTA website here.

The Package Travel Regulations (PTR)

The Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018 cover two types of travel arrangements and are designed to provide better protection for travellers when booking through a legitimate travel business. These are (1) a package holiday and (2) a linked travel arrangement.

Please note that in almost every case, a booking with Iceland Traveller falls within the scope of the best protected ‘package holiday’ definition of the regulation. There are steps that we must take to inform you about the holiday that you are booking with us, which form part of our standard booking process.

These steps are to tell you the arrangement type that you are booking, and to make sure that the holiday we are arranging is suitable to meet any mobility or other suitability requirements that you have. Please rest assured that we have always made safety, accessibility and suitability a top priority for our holidays.

A summary of the regulations is set out below. For the full details, please see these links:

‘Which’ consumer guide    UK Government Legislation

Each type of arrangement carries a different level of protection:  The best protected holiday is a ‘package holiday’ which is legally and financially protected. This is a combination of travel services either sold as a complete package or one that is put together for you.

  • Either way the combination must be made up of at least 2 of the following components: transport (excluding transfers), accommodation, car rental, a tourist service
  • And you will have paid for your holiday to one travel company, paying an inclusive price having selected a ready-made holiday (eg a multi days guided bus tour) or a combination of services from the list above
  • Financial protection means that you are protected from supplier or company failure and gives you a right to a refund in the case of a tour cancellation

The second as less protected type of arrangement is the ‘linked travel arrangement’.  This carries limited protection and usually applies in the case of self-booking, where travel arrangements are booked separately. For example, a flight with one company, hotel with another and car hire with yet another.


ATOL stands for Air Travel Organiser’s Licence. It is a national scheme operated by the Civil Aviation Authority and offers protection when you book a holiday with a travel company in the UK, which includes flights as part of the package.

When you book a holiday with Iceland Traveller you have the option to ask us to book ATOL protected flights for you. ATOL protects most air package holidays sold by travel businesses that are licensed in the UK. Flights are one of the components of the ‘package holiday’ as described under the PTR above, and we recommend that bookings are made this way. Flights booked with us will probably cost more than an online purchase, and this is because UK travel businesses are required to pay a fee to the CAA for booking ATOL protected flights. Remember too, that online flight prices are usually advertised without luggage and seat reservations.

With an ATOL protected package, you will be issue with an ATOL certificate which sets out the elements that are included in your holiday and is the proof of your protection. More information about ATOL protection here.

If Iceland Traveller is not booking your flights, you will not receive a certificate and your holiday will not be ATOL protected.   It will, however, be fully guaranteed through the Travel Trust Association and the Package Travel Regulation.

EHIC cards

We recommend that if you have one, you take your EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) with you to Iceland.  Subject to the on-going uncertainty about Brexit, rules may change.  Even though Iceland is an EEA member and not an EU member, this card will currently entitle you to state healthcare on the same basis as a resident of the country.  Beware of scam sites relating to EHIC cards. They are free. See here for more information on the UK government site.

Travel Insurance

It is a requirement of our booking terms and conditions that our passengers have, and disclose to us their travel insurance details at the time of booking. Travel insurance is your responsibility and it’s important to be aware that most of the adventurous activities available in Iceland fall into the higher risk categories (equivalent usually to skiing) for insurance purposes. We can help, but we don’t advise. Please consult your insurance provider for more assistance.


Our Terms and Conditions are available as a link in the footer below. Please contact us if you require a pdf version.