food-westfjords-farm-near-hallaTravelling north from Reykjavik, route no 1 provides beautiful views of the ocean to the left- hand side, and to the right, a changing mountain landscape which eventually opens up to expose the still waters of Whale Fjord (Hvalfjörður).  The area is rural and at lower levels, agricultural, with scattered farmhouses, horses and, in the summertime, sheep and some cattle.

Whale fjord itself has fascinating connections to World War II (20,000 British and American soldiers were stationed here) and to the local saga of Hörðr Grímkelsson. Since the building of a splendid tunnel under the mouth of the fjord, the road that runs all around it is once again peaceful and little used. It’s also interesting to know that Hallgrimskirkja church, the meeting point in Reykjavik for this tour, was named after Hallgrimur Petersen who served as priest in a church in Hvalfjordur between 1650 and 1674.

food-tour-pigletThis remote and quiet place has an atmosphere all of its own, a perfect setting for this farming and fjord tour. It’s the farms and the stories that the famers tell, along with the tastes of these fjordland farms that is the focus of the journey which takes approximately 5 hours and includes sampling of local treats from farms and local producers in the area: ‘high quality food combining tradition and innovation’.

The Farming and Whale Fjord tour  is offered for a group of 4 or more, and is always a small group tour with a maximum of 14, though it is also available as a private tour and for fewer than 4 upon request. Please be aware that Icelandic food is largely meat and dairy based, though with prior notice it is possible to make some adjustments for special diets

Tour Code FF8

Price Guide ££ 100-200

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