See Iceland from the sea, cruise the Icelandic way. Travel by sea all around Iceland, with a crew of cheerful, qualified Icelanders, in a ship that can access shallower fjords and smaller harbours than its much bigger sisters. 107 well-appointed cabins accommodate up to 199 guests, and the ship’s other facilities include a Polar Library, on-board Spa and zodiac boats to reach those little and interesting places to see geology or wildlife at closer quarters.

Leave your ties, jackets and evening dresses at home’ and bring instead, warm and casual clothing to enable you to make the most of the breath-taking scenery visible from the deck and to enjoy your expeditions on land. The crew’s expedition team are also the tour guides, so going ashore means that you are accompanied by the same knowledgeable Icelanders that you see on board. During the 10-day journey, you’ll get to know the crew, hear their stories, listen to their songs and enjoy great authentic food and hospitality. For us, seeing Iceland in this Icelandic way is what makes the whole experience special and it’s certainly how the Iceland Traveller team has become so attached to this intriguing rocky land mass in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.  Seeing the diversity of the landscape, having the opportunity to experience the ground beneath your feet and to feel the weather on your skin whether it’s beneath the midnight sun or the Northern Lights is a big part of being in Iceland.  By taking this cool casual cruise, you’ll see much of Iceland that you wouldn’t visit on a car or bus tour, and there’s no unpacking into a different hotel room every night. The prices are full board, include guest speakers and an entertainment programme (Icelandic style) and a cruise Wind Jacket.  Contact us for more information and availability for 2019.

  • Start and finish in Reykjavik
  • 9 other stops around Iceland
  • includes the island of Grimsey on the Arctic circle
  • Zodiac excursions included
  • Range of cabins from simple to magnificent
  • Itineraries are subject to local conditions
  • Flights are not included but we are ATOL registered so can book a flight package for you (UK departures only)
  • We will arrange airport transfers for you (not included on the price)
  • Add a day or two before or after your circumnavigation, we’ll be happy to help