One of the hardest questions to answer is about driving in Iceland. Hiring vehicles is very easy, but do you really want to? Here are some of the considerations to take into account while making up your mind:

  • the time of year
  • where in Iceland you want to go
  • driving on the right hand side of the road
  • navigation and getting lost!
  • seeing Iceland
  • getting to know about Iceland
  • weather conditions
  • time and distances
  • enjoyment or endurance?

We want every one of our holiday clients to have the best time possible in Iceland and this means that we will want to suggest the most appropriate travel arrangements. Our range of travel solutions includes everything from escorted bus tours, huge super truck adventures, 4 wheel drive jeeps and minibuses for self drive and privately guided journeys for a day or more.

For many people, having a guide and getting under the skin of Iceland as well as seeing the landscapes and hidden gems fits the bill perfectly. Equally for others the lure of the open road and the freedom to drive and stop is just what’s needed.

Often, it works really well to mix and match to combine some independent time with a guide for a day or two to take you to remote, off road locations or to lead you on foot, bike or horseback deeper into the landscape.  While discussing an Iceland holiday with you, we’ll always spend time on the how to travel aspect of  your plans.  As destination specialists for Iceland, we will have plenty of options to inspire you. Even if you have never considered taking a trip with a small group and a guide, this may be the time to really consider letting someone else sit behind the wheel!

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