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Iceland is a great destination at any time of year, but to make an informed choice, it’s best to consider what you want to see and do. For Northern Lights, the season is September to April. For experiencing short dark days and the special light that Iceland has in the winter during the day, then December and January are the times to go there. Spring arrives in early May, there is usually snow around until April, more so in the North. From May onwards the days stretch out so that on Midsummer day in June the sun doesn’t set. For winter sports the time to go is after Christmas, for bird watching it’s April, May, June.  


The best time for a self-drive holiday is during the longer summer months, or anytime from April to September, and for visiting the interior or Highland region the time for this is July and August. With modified vehicles and local guides, much of Iceland is safely accessible for most of the year.  If you are travelling as a family with young children or as a mixed age group, Iceland is easier to visit in the summer when there is a plenty on offer to satisfy a wider range of interests.


Iceland is a great place for a festive Christmas or New Year celebration. Even though the days are short, twinkling fairy lights, beautiful window displays and a massive firework display on New Year’s Eve all contribute to making this a very special destination. Prefer to be at home for the main celebrations? The days between Christmas and New Year are a perfect time for a family trip!

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