Some years ago, I spent an afternoon and evening in Akranes with one of my Icelandic friends. It’s on a small peninsula on Iceland’s west coast in between Reykjavik and the much larger Snaefellsness peninsula. My memories are of a small town on the other side of a mountain with a pretty coastline but In all honesty, a bit fishy! However, it’s a town with pride which is well deserved because one of the people I met there was a keen and clearly talented footballer, and I was taken to visit the town’s museum of sport which was filled to the brim with trophies galore gathered from across Iceland and representing achievements of many kinds. In the last few months, a spa has come to Akranes! So it’s on the map, and will soon be the next go-to location for Icelandic relaxation and geothermal bliss.  I’m making a return visit very soon.

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