We have really appreciated these beautiful and contrasting photos sent to us by Alex, who travelled to Iceland with us last month. The icebergs on the lagoon at Jokulsarlon look like humbugs due to the layers of volcanic ash that have become trapped under subsequent snowfalls. As the icebergs tip over in the lagoon the stripes appear at every angle. Jokulsarlon is one of the most dramatic sights in Iceland, and taking a summer time boat trip amongst the icebergs is quite an experience, as well as a chance to find out about how they are formed from the huge ice sheet behind the lagoon.


Alex also made the journey into the Highlands to visit Landmannalaugar, fantastic for its geology and photographic opportunities, accessible only in the summer and with vehicles up to the job of navigating Iceland’s ‘f’ class tracks and crossing glacial rivers. For a day, or for a longer hiking expedition this area of Iceland is definitely worth taking the time to see. From the main ring road, the journey into Landmannalaugar includes skirting the infamous Mount Hekla, Iceland’s most feared volcano and historically regarded as the entrance to Hell. Travelling beyond Landmannalaugar, the route continues on through the Fjallabak, an amazing and rugged set of highland roads that head eastwards through the stunning Eldgja gorge with amazing views of Iceland’s south eastern desert sands, outwash plains and the ocean beyond. Click here for more about trips to Iceland!






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