City spectacle, or countryside charm? With only a few hours of daylight in winter, Icelanders really know how to illuminate their homes, streets and towns. New Year’s Eve is a massive highlight and great spectacle to see. Twinkling trees, houses and shops beautifully decorated, the chance of the swirling Aurora visiting the night sky and in every community, warming bonfires and spectacular firework displays celebrate the beginning of another year.

The city experience is loud and crowded, gourmet food and drink and plenty to celebrate well into the night. The fireworks are breath taking and the party atmosphere is huge, even by Reykjavik’s usual exceptionally high energy nightlife norm!  By contrast, in the countryside there’s just as much to celebrate though all at a more gentle level. Food, drinks and bonfires, easier to spot the Aurora and all together a different experience.

Either way, Iceland’s winter is an experience not to miss, and starting any New Year in this beautiful landscape must be worth considering. Here are some ideas for short New Year breaks, one’s a city spectacle and the other offers countryside charm! Get in early, everything is limited and flights are still reasonably priced!

Here are our favourites:  City spectacle and  Countryside charm

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