One of our top Iceland questions is about how to see the Northern Lights, so here are some Iceland Traveller tips.

  • The main Northern Lights season is October to March
  • Some tours are also available in September and April, and you can get lucky out in the countryside in late August too
  • When you are out at night, be patient, it’s a waiting game
  • Be prepared, take good clothing and equipment
  • Some people wear silk gloves, fingers can get very cold
  • Make sure you know how your camera works for Aurora photography
  • Battery life is shorter in the cold
  • Just watching is amazing, you don’t see everything through a lens
  • Food and drink is a good way to keep you going, take a snack, and maybe a thermos cup or hip flask
  • We’ll always book you with a guide who will use local knowledge. Icelanders are experienced Aurora hunters
  • Location is crucial, away from light pollution, so staying in the countryside  is worth considering
  • Take enough time in Iceland, 4 nights at least if possible. Give the clouds time to clear and weather to change
  • Know the statistics. Our escorted tours record the average winter sightings success rate – 2012-13: 92%, 2013-2014: 85%, 2014-15: 92%, 2015-16: 98%, 2016-17: 89% (April not yet included)
  • Don’t leave it till the last minute, popular holidays fill up fast
  • Here’s a holiday suggestion that also includes seeing the spectacular Jokulsarlon glacial lagoon 
  • For bespoke holidays, private tours by superjeep or for photography assistance, please send us a message



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