So much change has taken place in Iceland’s kitchens, restaurants and cafes over the last few years.  During Diana Henry’s culinary visit to Iceland with us last year, part of our small group Iceland’s Modern Kitchen tour, we enjoyed a thoroughly memorable week in South Iceland visiting producers, gardeners, growers, distillers and chefs.

In planning Iceland’s Modern Kitchen we wanted to re-visit some of the farmers and food producers who had been involved with the Icelandic Pantry at London’s Borough Market in October 2015, and to meet and eat with friends we’ve made over the years in Iceland. These producers are instrumental in the changing food scene there. Happily, it was at Borough Market that we met Diana, who immediately decided to join us on tour.

Diana’s recent article in the Telegraph magazine is a wonderful testimony to dedicated and inspirational Icelanders that we met on our trip.  Living off Iceland- How the financial crisis sparked a foodie revolution and the recipes that accompany is a fascinating read.

Visits or workshops with these and other producers are all available to arrange as part of a holiday with Iceland Traveller.



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