“Wow- what a start to my first two months with Iceland Traveller! Last month was my first official trip to Iceland on behalf of the company. The week was spent meeting new and exciting suppliers as well as completing the next round of safety audits. The days were long and busy and I made the most of every minute I was out there. On Tuesday evening, Julia and I were treated to a Northern Light Chase by one of our hosts who told us to dress warmly and be ready by eight o’clock when Omar would pick us up.   So, like all good tourists, we were outside the hotel at the appointed hour, dressed in many layers and looking like Michelin Men. We were driven off into the darkness.

We arrived at the most picturesque place you can imagine, a small valley with a lake encircled by snow covered mountains: just our small group of around thirty, the moon, the stars, the peace and awesome silence. It was breathtaking. Our spirits were high and most of us forgot -we were standing in minus 10 degrees for well over two hours, waiting for the show to begin.

The Aurora was shy at first but, with Omar and Andy running our tour, there were no dull moments. They told us about the stars and helped us set up our cameras for the picture of a lifetime. Then, a drama unfolding, the lights appeared, dancing across the heavens and putting on a display I will never forget. The bright green curtain hung in the sky creating the most amazing patterns and sequences as we stood transfixed.

Julia.and.Yvonne.Northern.Lights.2.Feb.2016It was breathtaking. I can find no words to adequately describe what I saw that night, but it is one of the wonders of the world that everyone should try to experience in their lifetime .   The 2016-7 Northern Lights seasons is drawing to close but, if you are planning to go next winter, to learn more about this amazing natural phenomenon, please see www.icelandtraveller.co.uk/the-northern-lights/. Dates for next season’s tours will be on our website shortly.”



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