This is the first time that the historical Borough Market, London has hosted an overseas group from Iceland, consisting of a group of 14 Icelandic food producers setting up The Icelandic Pantry from Wednesday 7 – Saturday 10 October.

Iceland is so remote, and its growing season so short, that people USED TO use whatever they could find from the land and the sea, surviving on puffin jerky and fermented shark. That was true MANY MANY years ago, today it is a very different set of high quality, great tasting foods

Today, Iceland’s geographic isolation and strict government environmental regulations help it produce some of the purest foods on the planet. Grass-fed cows with a lineage that goes back to the Norwegian herds brought by the Vikings in 874 AD make milk that’s high in beta carotene, creating exceptional butter and cheese as well as the yogurt-like ‘skyr’. Family farms sell tender meat from lambs that have grazed in the mountains all summer on moss, scrub and wildflowers. Fish farmers raise arctic char without chemicals or antibiotics in eco-friendly saltwater tanks.

Iceland Traveller will be there to support this great group of food producers. Come along and say ‘halló’ and sample the foods!!

IMPORTANT NEWS – Iceland Traveller have just revamped and launched its latest tour ‘Iceland for Food Lovers’, read more about it here or come along to Borough Market to speak to us in person.

Iceland for Food Lovers Brochure_1-2

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