We started planning this special tour to Iceland long before the extraordinary winter of 2014/5 took hold. Prompted more by the ever changing weather there, rather than by its extremes, we have created ‘Iceland’s Winter Wonderland: Weather, Fire and Ice’.

Apart from meeting a meteorologist and hunting the Northern Lights, we have also arranged night sky stargazing together with the services of an astronomer to help interpret the view through the telescope.


The tour will be led by Bryndís Kristjánsdóttir, our excellent and highly experienced Icelandic guide with whom we have worked closely to plan the programme. Although the weather and Icelandic landscape are key parts of the itinerary, we have been careful not to exclude culture, history, food or relaxation, all of which are a vital part of a truly Icelandic experience and which Bryndís will bring to life during the tour.

‘Iceland’s Winter Wonderland: Weather, Fire and Ice’ begins in Reykjavik on November 8 2015, for 6 nights. All of the details of this guided tour of South Iceland for those keen to learn about the country’s meteorology, climate and atmosphere through sightseeing excursions and an evening programme of talks, films and activities, are available here:  www.icelandtraveller.co.uk/weathertour



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