Eruption site in the distance copyIceland’s current eruption isn’t all that easy to get to, and true to form, I flew back from Akureyri only a matter of days before this one began so haven’t yet been able to see it myself. However, when we received an enquiry in late August about a trip to Iceland to see caves and volcanoes we were delighted to be able to handcraft an itinerary which included a sightseeing flight from Akureyri over the eruption to see the Holuhraun lava fields, Bárðarbunga volcano and Askja Caldera.

We arranged a 4 day stay in Akureyri with a selection of tours including the sightseeing flight, all based on a flexible programme to allow for working around the weather so that there would be the most opportunities possible to make the flight. As it happened the weather was very windy so our guests were able to take the other day tours on the windy days and finally managed the flight over the eruption on the morning of their departure to Reykjavik.

over the crater copySo it’s with many thanks to Marc and Marianne that we can provide some photographs of the wild and desolate Vatnajokull area, together with closer shots of this beautiful fissure eruption, and their feedback about the trip which says it all!

“The flight over the eruption was breathtaking and the definite highlight of the trip! The aircraft was a top wing model and they made sure everyone got a window seat and therefore had a good view.”

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