The cage and the gang plank!

The cage and the gang plank!

Last summer’s launch of a trip to see inside an Icelandic volcano was met by me with some trepidation. I’d  read about the venture just before it opened and contacted the company to find out more, and to make sure that I could book the tour for Iceland Traveller clients. With the possibility that the summer of 2012 would be the only opportunity to experience the interior of the magma chamber I knew that it was a chance not to miss. But the prospect of being lowered down there in a cage similar to those used to clean the windows of high rise buildings really did not appeal. Dilemma! With a Geology tour coming up, I would be in Iceland during July and could therefore fully justify using the scheduled rest day to make the descent. Needless to say and with some regret when the 2012 season ended, I had not summoned up the courage to see inside Þríhnúkagígur (or Thrihnukagigur)  for myself, a sense of failure somewhat enhanced by the family with three youngish children that booked the tour through me  and had a fantastic time.  During my summer Geology tour, one member of the group did use the rest day to take the tour inside the volcano and so I’m pleased to say that thanks to him I do have some photos of the interior of the magma chamber. It’s certainly a pretty amazing spectacle, and I’ve been wondering when the chance would come to post them on my website or elsewhere.

…200 metres later

Today an email popped into my inbox to tell me that the once in a lifetime tour is back, so I know that inside that window cleaning cage is a place I’m going to be in 2013. I’m more than happy to share the experience! I’m not sure quite when I’ll go but the Volcano is ‘open’ between May and September so if you’re contemplating an adventure in Iceland this summer maybe it’s something to add to your list too.

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2 Responses to Thrihnukagigur is on my List for 2013…

  1. charmedbylove says:

    Ah this gives me even more of a reason to return to Iceland during the summer! Did any cold air travel down there? Or was it overwhelmed with heat?

    • Julia says:

      Always glad to hear from people looking for reasons to return to Iceland! I think the chamber is a pretty constant temperature, but that’s what I need to find out for myself. I was thinking about your comment, though and remembered reading in this article that Iceland’s summer weather in 2012 was quite remarkable. I had fabulous sunny weather for all on my trips last summer, and it wasn’t just a coincidence.

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