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Secrets of the East Fjords

For a remote and beautiful self-drive experience Iceland’s East Fjords have to be high on the list with each one telling a different story. Some are hardly populated, others have lazy bays full of colourful seaweed and in the early spring, wild reindeer are still to be seen grazing beside the road.

Is your Book Club reading about Iceland?

A request by a book club for a reading list of titles around an Icelandic theme has given me the perfect opportunity to spend some self indulgent time revisiting my collection, gathered over the last 20 or so year. This list of ten titles includes Sagas, Nobel award winning literature, travel tales and crime fiction.

FAQ: What are you doing about sustainable travel? 

Over the 20 or so years that I’ve been travelling in Iceland, there’s no doubt that some considerable changes have taken place. With an almost unbeatable list of ‘wow’ natural features on offer, this easy to reach and culturally quirky island on the edge of the Arctic circle has been the recipient of incredible tourist growth. 

FAQs: Can I drive in Iceland?

We want every one of our holiday clients to have the best time possible in Iceland and this means that we will want to suggest the most appropriate travel arrangements. Our range of travel solutions includes everything from escorted bus tours, huge super truck adventures, 4 wheel drive jeeps and minibuses for self drive and privately guided journeys for a day or more.

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