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FAQ: Where is Iceland?

Situated between Greenland, Norway and Scotland, and just below the Arctic Circle, Iceland is in surprisingly easy reach of America, Europe and the UK. The area of the island of Iceland is approximately 103,000km2 which makes it the second largest island in Europe after Great Britain. It takes about 3 hours to fly from London, and about 5 hours from […]

FAQ: What is the Golden Circle Tour in Iceland?

In short, the Golden Circle is the collection of three of South Iceland’s most important and spectacular landmarks: the Thingvellir National Park, Gulfoss waterfall and the geyser, Strokkur. Visitors flock to the Golden Circle to enjoy spending a day to see these must-see natural features as part of their Iceland holiday. There are many ways to see and experience the […]

FAQ: How much daylight can I expect in Iceland?

Iceland is a land of contrasts and the cycle of daylight throughout the year is no exception. At the time of the summer solstice (around June 23) there are 17 more hours of daylight per day than at the winter solstice. This means that between May and September, there is plenty of daylight time for enjoying all that Iceland out […]

FAQ: What’s the weather like in Iceland?

One of the most important features of the weather in Iceland is that it changes frequently, so following forecasts and having the right clothing are both very important. However, it’s also worth remembering that since the weather moves fast and is so often very local, useful advice is to ‘wait 5 minutes’ as it will probably change. Because the weather […]

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