Iceland Traveller’s Competition

To celebrate Iceland’s amazing taste sensations and locations, we’re running an easy to win competition with not so difficult questions. Your prize is a bar of our unique Iceland Traveller chocolate, made with Icelandic Sea Salt Flakes and delicious Madagascan dark chocolate.

Each month, 3 lucky winners will be contacted and sent their prizes then we will publish the winners and the answers the following month on this page.  Simply answer  the following question to be entered into this free prize draw.

This month’s question is  based upon seeing Iceland from the sea. Need a hint? Look here for more information!  Cool casual cruising

This Month’s Question – see below for the question, then select your answer and fill in the form with your details

Enter your details and answer above and we will contact you via your email address when the competition finishes at the end of the month. You may enter as many times every month but unique email addresses can only win once each month – so pass this onto your friends and families so they can have a chance to win.  Good luck!

Previous Winners & Answers

‘What is ‘Strokkur’ in Iceland? The answer is ‘one of Iceland’s most famous geysers, that erupts every 5-10 minutes‘.

In September we asked ‘What is the name of the Iceland’s 2nd largest town located in North Iceland?’, the answer is Akureyri.

In August we asked ‘Which of these might you see growing in the fields in Iceland?’, the answer is Barley and Vegetables.

In July we asked our readers to answer a question about the Icelandic sea salt that is used to make the Iceland Traveller chocolate bars. The little island in the West of Iceland that the salt comes from is Karlsay.

So far, the 2017 winners were Alison B, Elaine W, Dave G, Clare M, Donald Mc, Peter E, Tom S, Mary H, and Claire P. Our latest winners are: Des C, Giita H and Julia N.

Congratulations to everyone we hope you enjoy your Iceland Traveller chocolate bar with Icelandic Sea Salt Flakes!